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    Family & Friendship Therapy

    Everyone has loved ones who are important to them. Relationships make like meaningful and enjoyable! Relationship problems do happen though. When something goes wrong in one of these relationships, however, it can leave you feeling devastated and lonely.


    Friendships are relationships too, and relationship therapy can help you improve your relationships with friends as well! Mend broken relationships with friends, restore trust, and reconnect with your friend so you can get back to enjoying life together!


    We don’t pick the family we’re born into, but we do need to have relationship with the people in our families! A therapist at Healing2Flourish Counseling & Consulting can help you. Learn to develop healthy boundaries and realistic relationship dynamics with your loved ones. You can feel good about your family relationships.

    How we can help!

    We understand; relationships are hard. It takes a lot of communication and energy to make relationships work. It also takes a lot of skill to make them work well, and to be able to resolve difficult issues. That’s why we’re here to help you. We understand relationships. Furthermore, we know what it takes to have successful, meaningful relationships. Some common relationship problems, include:

    • lack of connection
    • arguments that are volatile or out of control
    • poor communication, leading to misunderstandings and disagreements
    • inability to resolve conflicts
    • constant tension or living like roommates
    • poor boundaries
    • lack of empathy and understanding

    We want you to know that these are common problems that can make getting along in relationships difficult. We also want you to know that there are excellent tools available to you that once you have them, you can finally get out of your stuck place!

    How We Approach Therapy for Relationship Problems

    A therapist can be an objective third-party to help you see what you can’t see. Furthermore, counseling can show you the blind spots you’ve been unaware of in your friendship or other relationships. With this perspective, we can help you solve your relationship problems. Your therapist can help you listen better, understand correctly, communicate effectively, make and maintain connection, and find resolutions to conflicts that everyone is okay with.

    Let us help you repair your relationship so you can feel connected again, share your life together, and enjoy one another. Having important people in your life is priceless, and we want to help you cherish them so your life can be meaningful and rich!

    We invite you to reach out today to schedule a free consultation or appointment.