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    Telehealth/Online Therapy

    Teletherapy – Counseling that Comes to You

    Telehealth Counseling sessions are similar to in-person sessions with your therapist, but instead of coming into the office, you and your counselor meet in a comfortable place of your choosing such as your home using interactive audio and video technology.

    Client must reside in Texas to receive teletherapy services.

    There are many benefits to having sessions with Healing2Flourish Counseling & Consulting using telehealth.

    • It can be easier and more efficient for you to access mental health care
    • Therapy for Home Bound or medically fragile clients
    • You can talk to a therapist without physically coming to an office.
    • Rural clients or clients in areas with insufficient access to experienced therapists

    Virtual visits with Healing2Flourish Counseling & Consulting are HIPAA compliant, in order to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

    What You Will Need

    Here is what you will need to meet with a Care and Counseling therapist using video therapy:

    • A computer or tablet with a microphone and a camera
    • Internet speed of at least 1 megabit per second (mbps)
    • A private space (preferably a room with a door) without pets, family members or other distractions
    • A secure internet connection (public Wi-Fi is not recommended due to lack of privacy)
    • Proper lighting in front of your face preferred

    **Helpful tip: Using headphones/earbuds with a microphone may help minimize what other people nearby can hear.


    At Healing2Flourish Counseling & Consulting, we value your confidentiality. To ensure your privacy, your therapist will connect with you from a space where they can reasonably ensure confidentiality and lack of interruption. Your therapist may use headphones and/or sound machines to enhance your privacy.