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    What to Expect

    Step 1: Initiate Contact

    Call (346) 297-0405, click on one of the “Contact Us” buttons on the website, or email us at [email protected]. Please provide your best contact number to reach you directly, times you are available to have a private telephone conversation, and the type of therapy you’re seeking such as individual, Couple, Family, Friends or Groups.

    Step 2: Telephone Consultation

    You will receive a to conduct a 15-minute initial telephone consultation. This call will cover a variety of areas including: important aspects of your personal life, any risks you are facing, areas of life that you are seeking support. All questions you may have will be answered regarding Healing2Flourish Counseling & Consulting, the types of therapy available, and next steps. There is no charge for this confidential conversation. If Healing2Flourish Counseling & Consulting is not a good match for your needs, you will be provided with referrals.

    Step 3: Schedule Your First Session

    After the telephone initial consultation, you schedule your first session in office or telehealth whichever you prefer. If you find yourself feeling nervous, please take a look at pictures on the “Our Team” page to get to know more about Healing2Flourish Counseling & Consulting therapists. You will be added to the client portal and receive a link to complete intake paperwork via the client portal. If you are a couple/family each individual is responsible for completing intake paperwork via the client portal. All initial intake paperwork should be completed in ENTIRETY prior to your first session to ensure your appointment is not cancelled/re-scheduled. Intake paperwork provides very important information for you as a client entering into therapy.

    Step 4: Ongoing Therapy

    At Healing2Flourish Counseling & Consulting, the therapy modalities commonly used are psychodynamic therapy, reality therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive processing therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion focused therapy, seeking safety, somatic therapy, and family systems therapy. Additional modalities are used and tailored to your individualized goals. We will meet every week for the first month of therapy. The initial session is 60 minutes and subsequent sessions are typically 45 to 53 minutes long depending upon the therapist. As therapy progresses, you and your therapist may decide that you no longer need weekly sessions and alterations can be made to the frequency of treatment. This is always an option at Healing2Flourish Counseling & Consulting. You may continue to work with me for as long as we both see fit.